About Me

I’m Alex Russell, a software engineer at Google working on Chrome, Blink and the broader web platform. My work on the web has mopped up legacy cruft, improved modularity and semantics, made JavaScript a better asynchronous programming language, enabled true offline web applications, and powered a new web-centric application model. And we’re just getting started.

In addition to tech leadership and feature design work, I also serve as Tech Lead for Standards where I lead strategy about how we can evolve the web faster and with more attention to evidence. Tactically, I help represent Google at TC39, the committee standardizing ECMAScript (aka: JavaScript). I’m also an elected member of the W3C W3C’s Technical Architecture Group.

Previously, I was Director of R&D at SitePen and built rich UIs for JotSpot and Informatica where I helped build Dojo.

You can usually get ahold of me in the Chromium or Blink IRC channels where my nick is slightlyoff. If it’s important, you can email me: slightlyoff at chromium.org.

I’m proud husband to Frances Berriman. We live and work in San Francsico.